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ISS Services

ISS is a third-party, quality control, inspection, sorting, and containment company that provides quality inspection services for the automotive, pharmaceutical, appliance and marine industries. We also offer warehouse services, such as storage, rework, kitting, and product launch support.

Quality Control Inspection

There are two ways that ISS quality control and inspection services can help you.


Inspecting your materials and/or parts prior to production.

The benefits of proactive QC include:

Improved Quality Lowers Costs

ISS reduces the incidence of producing parts that don’t meet quality standards.

Better Products & COQ

ISS inspected products ensures more consistency and can lower your Cost of Quality (COQ).

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Consumers appreciate and are loyal to quality products that are consistent, reliable, and safe.


Helps keep processes running smoothly and avoid downtime issues that delay production and launch schedules.

    Meeting Standards

    ISS follows ISO and ASNT standards to help your company meet quality and compliance standards.


    Being brought in after a quality issue has been realized.

    The strategy for reactive QC includes:

    Separate Good From Bad

    ISS inspects and sorts out defective materials to keep them from getting to production.

    Determine Cause – Solve Issue

    When requested, ISS reviews the product’s entire life-cycle, identifies cause(s) of defect(s), then solves quality issues at the root level.

    ISS Quality Control
    ISS Quality Control
    ISS Quality Control

    Third Party Containment

    If multiple issues are found during inspection, ISS provides solutions that keep suspect or defective parts from getting into your system.

    ISS resolves all concerns you have, and ensures that you’re delivering only the best quality to your customers.

    Our processes allow us to:

    • Contain all suspect parts
    • Ship as the customer requires
    • Hold defects
    • Provide real time feedback and data
    • Provide long-term corrective action plans

    To protect you and your customer from any quality issues, ISS’s controlled warehousing separates your products into specific categories:

    • Certified
    • Suspect
    • Rejected Material

    We also provide extensive traceability to ensure that end users have access to all required information.

    Third-Party Containment
    Third-Party Containment

    Warehouse Services

    Re-Work/Light Assembly

    ISS trains our members to support our customers for any re-work or light assembly opportunity to fill their needs.


    With over 70,000 sq. ft. of space, ISS can support receiving overseas containers or truckloads and repack for customer requirements.


    ISS utilizes our warehouse for customers outside of our geographic area. ISS can receive product and offer our inspection service just as if we were at your facility.

    Storage/Cross Docking

    ISS customers utilize our warehouse space when they need a reliable option for either short term or long-term requirements.


    With 70,000 sq ft of warehouse space situated near Cincinnati, OH, ISS is ready to support any type of customer need at our site.



    Warehouse Services
    Warehouse Services
    Warehouse Services