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Client Testimonials

What our clients say

Thank you for working with our team for more than 6 months and pulling this rather complex, and at times very difficult, process off on very short notice. The flexibility and readiness of ISS was and is very much appreciated. You were able to assist us during a very critical time for us and supported Florence 24/7 which deserves a lot of recognition and credit to you personally as well as to your organization. Thank you on behalf of the team here in Florence and on behalf of our customers in NAFTA and China.
Mike Hirsch

Robert Bosch Automotive Steering LLC

Thank you for the support while at Stabilizer Bars. I really did enjoy working with the crews and leads that were here. Very good team!
Jamin Marsh

Mubea Inc.

ISS has done an on-site sort for TKPE at our customer Whirlaway and did a super job. Overall, things were well organized, on time, and we have been kept informed every day.
Tony Nogoda

ThyssenKrupp Presta USA, LLC

Your team rocks as always. Thanks for the support!
David Lipps

Caliper/CPD Divisions

I really appreciate the effort you and your associates put in to helping us achieve and improve.
Vernon Higbie

Stant Corporation