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The ISS Difference

Through honesty and integrity, we provide a full spectrum of safe, and reliable quality services that positively impact our customers, community, our teams, and their families. We give our customers peace of mind by managing their quality issues more efficiently and accurately than anyone else by holding ourselves to a documented higher standard.

We are driven by our passion to always be the best, not just within the industry, but in everything we do – even when no one is looking. Some of the reasons why ISS has become one of the leading Quality Inspection, Sorting, and Containment companies in North America include:

Our Core Values
We feel so strongly about our Core Values, that we’ve made them a part of our logo and brand.

20/20 Near Vision Testing
ISS requires our people to pass a Near Vision Test to confirm 20/20 vison, corrected or uncorrected, before they can visually inspect your products.

We also perform recurring vision tests to ensure that you always receive the highest level of visual inspection service.

Color Blindness Testing
All our visual inspectors must also take the Ishihara Test for Color Deficiency.

Background Check
Candidates must have 5-yrs with no violent offenses, and no sexual offenses that require registry.

5-Panel Drug Screening
ISS tests for traces of Marijuana, Cocaine, Amphetamines, Opiates, and Phencyclidine (PCP).

Written Test
Candidates must take a written test, and score 85% or higher, to demonstrate they understand fundamentals in the areas of Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and Problem Solving.

In-Person Onboarding
Must attend 2-days of Onboarding/Training at ISS headquarters.
Topics include:
• Filling out Time Sheets & Sort Results Logs.
• Reading and understanding Job Training Sheets.
• Performing an Inspection.
• Proper use of Tagging.
• Must read, agree to, and sign the ISS Code of Conduct, Ethics requirements, Dress Code, and the ISS Confidentiality Agreement.
• Must confirm ability to arrive at work on time.

ISO 9001 Registered
For us, this is more than just a registration/certification. It’s how we operate and function, ensuring that our customers receive proven, process-driven services when quality issues arise.

Using the American Society for Nondestructive Testing standards, guidelines, and recommendations ISS has implemented a standard where a standard did not exist.

That’s The ISS Difference.