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Quality Control Sorting and Inspection

When you suspect a quality issue, make your first act a phone call to ISS. When you call us, we immediately send you a Job Authorization and upon your signature, we begin the project.

With your input and instruction, we develop a Job Training Sheet with work instructions for our highly qualified sorting professionals. We make sure they understand what they’re looking for and what the process is for separation, reporting, tagging, labeling, etc.

We maintain complete transparency throughout every step of the project, each day, with a daily Sort Log, Timesheet, Reconciliation Audit and Job Report. Our full-circle reporting system allows you to know everything that’s been done to your parts: what we found, how many good parts, how many bad parts, the reject rate, additional issues, etc.

From the very beginning you’ll see that ISS is a well-oiled machine. And ISS leadership prides itself on setting up this detailed, quality process with open lines of communication for our customers every step of the way.

If multiple issues are found as we go, we also can provide third-party containment to help keep suspect or defective parts from getting into your system. Read more about our third-party containment services here.

Defects could include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Cracks
  • Coating issues
  • Chips
  • Missing parts
  • Scratches
  • Or anything that is unique to your part and industry